El Cuerpo Pollo

What are our bodies? Has it changed our imaginary over them? Are they the outer organ of our souls? Is the body a matter of desire or has it only turned into an object of design?

Cuerpo pollo is the image of the deformed, dismembered body. A kind of puppet figure offered to the seductive consumption of “choose the part you like the most”.

The knit is my text; the resulting object, a hypothesis.

The artworks I present, interweave the concepts of toy and body, as a place for encounter or disagreement, between the search for a personal look and the desire of others. A socially and historically built identity.

This dolls live in a grey zone, entirely human, surrounded by narcissist love and external objectual election, where culture grows. It is this hard-to-precise territory that’s not too outer of me nor too inside, which I care to investigate.

The first relationship between kids and the world lead to the identification of transitional objects, that are the first things the child isolates from the exterior reality and appropriates.

These do not belong to the internal subjective sphere or the outer objective one, rather than to something that Winnicott defines as an area of illusion. This is the potential space where later games or cultural experience can take place.

The knitted puppets, even in their perverse dismemberment, keep a comic and cute vitality. They express opinions of their existence with their steady stares, mouthless faces, headless bodies and the anorexics with their prêt a porter organs. They aspire to be complete, with what they tell, through their weaved skin, the continuity of the embroidery, the fluffiness. All phrase “be as you are”, building a bridge between them being an object of a subject, the material and its meanings. Between body and soul.

This wish guides me: consume my thought with a wool ball and my hands; and through work-playing with my dolls, aspire to rethink the duality that crosses us.

Mariana Fioramonti

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