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“Let's celebrate small everyday rituals with objects and textiles from CHARI, a personal look over my hometown’s unique ancient beauty, Santiago del Estero, Argentina”.

Miri Fioramonti




The rich and diverse textile heritage of Santiago del Estero can still be seen on the rugs, chairs and baskets that pop up on the roads. This living identity and its creative capacity nourished my inspiration since childhood. There are silent things that, without even noticing, touch us. Some of them are unforgettable, like my grandmother's tamales, or my father's work as a carpenter and the soft noise of my mother hand-stitching.

Chari is my aspiration to bring life once more to these native designs, resignifying them so they can be a part of our everyday life.


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Who I Am


My name is Miri Fioramonti, I was born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, surrounded by fragrances of the native cuisine and haute-couture dressmakers, between Italian carpenters and Latin-American musicians. Thanks to my family, cultural inheritance of tradition was a daily incentive. The opportunity to study Arts in Buenos Aires and to travel confirmed the value of my roots. The cultural heritage that lies in my province is not a manifestation of "typical" or "regional", it's Art, always in flux, moving far beyond from what can be seen in museums or archeological research. Everything gets mixed up, like a collage, with books of Matisse's paintings, Japanese pottery, traditional ceramics of the Argentinian Northwest, the catching rhythms of the bombo and the violin.

From this renewed point of view, Chari sprouted.


Chari Universe

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Stay in touch

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Chari's living room is an atelier in the neighborhood of Chacarita. We offer you our products, upholstery services, personalized business presents, wedding lists, decoration for events, lounges and hotels.

Guided visits are easily organized by writing to, calling to +5411 5274 0544, or by completing the following application form: